A colorful silk twill scarf by designer Arlette Ess featuring nine different Koi varieties, in a versatile 90 cm x 90 cm format. Italian silk twill with fringed edges.

The beloved Koi artwork on vibrant red and orange. Popular belief has it that red and orange are energizing and boost confidence, the intense colors can certainly bring a burst of joy.

The deep colors of the print go through the beautiful twill fabric and are almost identical on both sides of the scarf. The many colors make it easy to combine, and the fringed edges add an informal elegance.

The print is based on a monochrome Indian ink drawing.

The colors of the fish are the actual colors of the koi breeds. They are Sanke, Kigoi, Asagi, Tancho, Kumonryu, Matsuba, Utsuri, Goromo and Soragoi.

The scarf is printed in Italy onto 100% Italian silk twill, a classic scarf fabric with a subtle sheen. It has a satisfying weight and drapes beautifully, and the artwork shows exceptionally well on this fabric. Silk is a naturally sturdy material, and with this quality, a scarf will last.

SIZE: 90 cm x 90 cm
MATERIAL: 100% silk crepe de chine medium weight, Italian origin
FINISH: Hand-rolled edges, printed and finished in Italy
CARE: Dry clean.

Silk and wool are protein fibers that naturally repel dirt and hardly take on any smells, so they don't need to be cleaned often.
Steaming the scarf works wonders – it removes all wrinkles and also 'disinfects' it (removing potential smells and killing microorganisms), and it usually ends up looking fresh from the cleaners. For this, you can use a garment steamer or hold it approximately 2ft / 70cm over a boiling kettle for a few seconds (don't scold yourself in the process :) If it needs a clean, dry cleaning is recommended (lukewarm water and mild shampoo or silk/wool detergent would not damage the print, but for the feel of the silk or wool it's still better and safer to dry clean it).

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